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Holiday, Terms, Specifications

September 30th, 2005

Holidays in Greece were great, and I took the time (together with my wife) to hammer out the actual requirements for our project.

So the draft for the requirements specification (deutsch: Lastenheft) are ready, now whats missing is to put it into offical shape and create a text document. I’ll try to put as much effort into this as possible as it will be the basis for the whole project and all subsequent documents, especially the functional specification (deutsch: Pflichtenheft).

The software prototype with a preliminary database design has to wait, as I had no laptop with me during my stay in greece, and I’m now concentrating on the requirements specification.

In the meantime also the actual project description changed from Online-CRM to WWS-Online (this is the project title, the tool itself will be called somis, a simple online merchandise information system).

Some more details have to be discussed with the project team:

  • Everybodies status
  • IM tool to use (Skype, ICQ, Google Talk)
  • Should we use this blog as action tracker
  • Is a 2 week meeting schedule ok for everybody

Back to work now…

Die Stunde von Kottingbrunn…

September 12th, 2005

Wieder einmal war es soweit. Diesmal versammlten sich ganze 15 Fahrer und -innen am Sonntag, 11. Sept. 2005 in Kottingbrunn im Kart-Center.

Die übliche Aufteilung von 10 min Qualifying und 50 Minuten Rennen wurde gefahren. 5 Damen und 10 Herren am Start.

Das Qualifying trennt noch die Geschlechter, angeführt von Jochen, vor Roland und Daniel, liegen die Herren vor den Damenfeld, dass von Sonja, vor Elke und Natalie angeführt wird.

Im Rennen sieht es bereits anders aus. Nach viel Verkehr, einigen Drehern und vielen Gelb-Licht Phasen später, kann schliesslich Jochen das Rennen für sich entscheiden.

Hier die Ranglist:

  1. Jochen – 50:01.51 – 38.54s – 75 Runden – erster Herrenwertung
  2. Roland – 50:12.95 – 38.28s – 75 Runden
  3. Peter – 50:31.36 – 38.72s – 75 Runden
  4. Norbert – 50:33.25 – 38.69s – 75 Runden
  5. Mario – 50:21.38 – 39.30s – 74 Runden
  6. Daniel – 50:01.62 – 38.93s – 73 Runden
  7. Martin – 50:19.40 – 39.43s – 73 Runden
  8. Sonja – 50:26.46 – 40.81s – 69 Runden – erste Damenwertung
  9. Karli – 50:20.65 – 40.61s – 68 Runden
  10. Natalie – 50:03.49 – 41.27s – 67 Runden
  11. Thomas – 28:18.92 – 39.90s – 40 Runden
  12. Hans – 28:28.77 – 39.79s – 40 Runden
  13. Elke – 28:34.49 – 42.15s – 38 Runden
  14. Tini – 28:39.12 – 43.08s – 36 Runden
  15. Tamara – 22:25.25 – 44.29s – 27 Runden

Hier die Fotos (einige Inrace Shots und Ranglisten): Gimme Pictures!

Dank an alle Mitfahrer für den Einsatz, Mut, Ãœberwindung, …

Some more days to go…

September 6th, 2005

Still some more days left before we leave for our one-day roadtrip to Pfungstadt near Frankfurt. It’s going to be a long trip, starting early at around 06:00 to be there in time for the project kickoff at 14:30. It will last probably only 3-4 hours, and shortly after we’ll be heading back again to Vienna. At least enough time to hammer out the details, who is going to work on which parts.

The available parts should be project management, project documentation, model (database and classes), controller (flow and business logic), view (templates and interface design). Each part of course has some influence on others, documentation is needed, sometimes specifications, project status, …

A lot to do, but we are confident to finish the project within 3-4 months, so we have a chance to create our own christmas present.