Holiday, Terms, Specifications

September 30th, 2005

Holidays in Greece were great, and I took the time (together with my wife) to hammer out the actual requirements for our project.

So the draft for the requirements specification (deutsch: Lastenheft) are ready, now whats missing is to put it into offical shape and create a text document. I’ll try to put as much effort into this as possible as it will be the basis for the whole project and all subsequent documents, especially the functional specification (deutsch: Pflichtenheft).

The software prototype with a preliminary database design has to wait, as I had no laptop with me during my stay in greece, and I’m now concentrating on the requirements specification.

In the meantime also the actual project description changed from Online-CRM to WWS-Online (this is the project title, the tool itself will be called somis, a simple online merchandise information system).

Some more details have to be discussed with the project team:

  • Everybodies status
  • IM tool to use (Skype, ICQ, Google Talk)
  • Should we use this blog as action tracker
  • Is a 2 week meeting schedule ok for everybody

Back to work now…

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