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Somis Milestone 2 reached…

November 17th, 2005

Milestone 2 has been approved (altough one document was missing, but noone noticed).

We started hacking on the catalyst base now, mostly just some basic controller and view parts.

UML and ERD are nearly finished, so we seem to be on schedule, that’s fine!

Chris even created some first sketches for a logo for Somis.

We got hacked…

November 3rd, 2005

Strange, but true. Our new server got hacked recently by some unknown folks. The downside of this incident was, that we had visitors from some unethnical hacking groups, which abused the server for UDP attacks and spam mailing. I cleared the remaining 18000+ mails in the deferred mail queue yesterday.

System was restored and the trojan files were removed (which was quite some fun as the were hidden and proticted by filesystem attr). We upgraded the system too to the latest versions, so that might make it harder for new attacks. We’ll see.

Somis Milestone 1 reached…

November 3rd, 2005

Milestone 1 has been submited and we received positive feedback already, so we can continue on reaching milestone 2. Coding will start as soon as all documents for milestone 2 (QB2) are in place.

Looking fine so far, we are still on schedule and still quite motivated, I’ll be the one trying to keep it that way.