Some more days to go…

September 6th, 2005

Still some more days left before we leave for our one-day roadtrip to Pfungstadt near Frankfurt. It’s going to be a long trip, starting early at around 06:00 to be there in time for the project kickoff at 14:30. It will last probably only 3-4 hours, and shortly after we’ll be heading back again to Vienna. At least enough time to hammer out the details, who is going to work on which parts.

The available parts should be project management, project documentation, model (database and classes), controller (flow and business logic), view (templates and interface design). Each part of course has some influence on others, documentation is needed, sometimes specifications, project status, …

A lot to do, but we are confident to finish the project within 3-4 months, so we have a chance to create our own christmas present.

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