Hahnenkamm is finsihed!

January 23rd, 2006

It’s been an incredible excititing, tough and close race. There were literally legions of people trying to beat the best, a lot more than in Wengen.

So even our top racers had some hard times to get it going. This time we also had some real last minute fights, incredible spirit, although most of you already have more than enough time of ski-challenge in their legs.

JoAce beat me by just 0.002 secs and crossed the finish line at approx. 0:00, that was close. Beniator and Ferrocolor had a head to head race in the last hours of the race. Ferrocolor managed to bypass Beniator and than also ludwigma, putting him into a very good 5th position. But this time Beniator did not wait til it’s over, but rather had an incredible run finishing just 0.017 secs before Ferrocolor and 0.099 secs before ludwigma. Congratulations!

Also the rest of the pack had some unbelievable improvemts over their qualification times. All within 3 tenths from place 8 to 11 in that order: Chrisu1201, Robinio, DrPhlox and JoergX. Guenni_Fast also improved on his qualification time and got in 0.1secs faster. Just before Vorlaeufer, PP80 and our last minute rider Kuemmelbaron.

We had a lot of fun, the final standings will be announced soon, and we’ll have a special ranking for your driver quality. There we’ll put the km droven into account and divide the total race time by the droven km. So the highest score there directly tells us the driver’s qualification.

So stay tuned for that.

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