Wengen now open!

January 13th, 2006

Qualification ended, for some in frustration, for some in absolut excitement. HerbNator although joining in late took the 2nd place in qualification after he received some tips for some of the important parts of the track, getting in only 0.03 second behind me.

ludwigma, JoAce, schurli and Richard matched for the third place. But also the FerroColor, Beniator and the others had some good fights, which finally Ferrocolor being the best there.

But now, the race in Wengen is OPEN!

I took the Lead with a late-night racing session with a low 2:45 time, followed now by HerbNator and JoAce, both just starting to get used to the conditions.

Yes, it’s ice, a lot of ice. The track feels very different compared to sun, you have to be absolutely precise in every turn.

Get in low, make direction, stand up and take the turn, and then back into racing postition, maybe correct the turn slightly for the next turn.

I found some parts of the track rather difficult, and have now identified the parts where I’m losing most of my time. It’s the long right turn after Hundschopf, Brüggli-S is ok now, and then after the long and fast Hannegg-Schuss the strange left-turn, strong ripples and a turn right with a huge jump, I’m loosing a lot of speed there (up to 1,5 seconds to the finish). Maybe you had a little more luck in that part, just tell me!

A lot of racers already started to set there first time, and it’s looking fine so far. We still try to reach our goal now, TOP30. Join in, take the long and bumby ride with us. I’m sure we can make it!

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