Wengen qualification standings…

January 8th, 2006

Wengen is hard. Not so for HerbNator as it seems. After 2 hours of racing he made it into the Top 3. We have now a quite decent pack of top racers (5 now).
So we are now in the Top50 in the club qualification for Wengen. Very Good!

RandomLogic still has the lead, some 8 tenths before ludwigma, who had a very good ride yesterday. JoAce and HerbNator are only seperated by 0.001 secs, and schurli86 is also only some more tenths behind.

JoAce still has some hardware problems, so he is not able to race on his own pc, but we definitly find a solution for the race, as he is one of our strongest contenders.
Our newest member Richie also hust waits for another good run to make it into the top 5 of our club.

Hope that will allow us to finally reach our set goal to achieve a TOP30 rank for the Wengen race! Keep on going, we can do it, just do it!

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