Approching first Somis milestone

October 14th, 2005

We have been hard at work, to finish in time, for our first milestone, which was targeted at Oct. 15. But thanks to our project tutor, who informed us recently, that he won’t be available til Oct. 27th. Good thing is that it seems to actually work out as the usual projects in real life…

We will continue working on the second milestone (QB2), to keep the pace up we have now. The milestones themselves will be slightly adjusted (move QB1 two weeks, QB2 one week, and we’re again on schedule.

The project name itself will remain “WWS-On”, while the working title for the software prototype will be “Somis”.

So let’s see how the concepual milestones work out, implementation will be probably quite straightforward, as soon as the Catalyst framework is understood.

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