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Wengen is tough!

January 4th, 2006

Qualification for Wengen is now open. Wengen is a very long and tough race track. You have to be really sensitive for the upper part, round curves, some of them need to be droven directly, others very round to keep the speed. The “Brüggli-S” requires some attention too, but can be passed with a good right and an early left turn to keep the pace.

The second part of the track again requires a lot of sensitive curve racing. Taking the direct path causes some loss of speed, which easily sums up to 1-2 secs. So try to find a good compromise between round and direct racing.

ludwigma set the first scores with a very good 2:42 time, but was soon overtaken by myself. In the last 2 days DrPhlox, ElGrecco and especially JoAce stepped in to improve our clubs race-time. Our newest member schurli86 (he would have beaten us in the first 2 races! So I’m glad he joins late) again showed some good competition, but JoAce managed to pass him by more then 1 sec currently. But I’m sure you all will keep on going, until you crush my leadership!

If you need tips, just ask, everyone is happy to help, even if you manage to pass him afterwards ;-)

Keep on racing, Wengen will start on Jan. 13th and our target is to get into the Top 30 clubs. I’ll definitly go for it, so join me for the race!

We finshed 46th in Bormio!

January 1st, 2006

We had a real good racing pace in Bormio, although HerbNator only had 3-4 hours of racing, before he left for Spain, we had 4 drivers in the Top 1000 list and made it into the Top 50 Clubs!

See yourself: Bormio Race Standings, Club Standings

It’s been a tough race, we even had some face to face sessions for a little improvement. HerbNator set the first below 2:03 time, but was shortly overtook by JoAce and myself. ludwigma had a hard time getting below 2:03 but finally managed to get there with a good 2:02.7 time. DrPhlox had some good improvements on the second racing day, leading in front of Beniator. Beniator, ElGrecco, JoergX, Ferrocolor and spenderniere had a real tough fight, and Benitaor and ElGrecco took the lead here, with FerroColor beating spenderniere only by 0.3s. Vorläufer99, Kuemmelbaron, Chrisu1201 and nuwanda probably didn’t have enough time to get the pace going, but still had some remarkable times for their efforts.

Again some racers skipped that race, so no chance for them to gather any points here, I hope they join in for the next race!

So here are the club internal results for Bormio:

Nr.  Name           Time       ClubPoints
1.   RandomLogic    2:02.045   13
2.   JoAce          2:02.210   11
3.   ludwigma       2:02.770   9
4.   HerbNator      2:02.930   7
5.   DrPhlox        2:04.244   6
6.   Beniator       2:05.116   5
7.   ElGrecco       2:05.157   4
8.   JoergX         2:05.677   3
9.   Ferrocolor     2:05.791   2
10.  spenderniere   2:06.083   1

And so the current standings for the Club Ski-Challenge WorldCup:

Nr.  Name           ClubPoints
1.   RandomLogic    26
2.   JoAce          22
3.   HerbNator      16
3.   ludwigma       16 (-1)
5.   DrPhlox        11 (-1)
6.   Beniator       9  (-1)
6.   JoergX         9  (+1)
8.   ElGrecco       7
9.   Ferrocolor     2
10.  PP80           2  (+1)
11.  spenderniere   1
11.  Guenni_Fast    1  (+1)

Thanks to all starters for this fantastic race.

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